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REnaldho PElle

Illustrator and Animator based in north London. I have a broad range of skills across a number of disciplines, drawing is my strength, and I am able to deliver finished illustration to a highly professional standard. I am focused on Illustration and directing animation, and have experience working in both areas. I have excellent attitude toward team work, I am comfortable receiving and giving direction as necessary. I have worked freelance for clients including The Psychologist, Intelligent Partnership, Just for Kids Law and Halcyon, and have featured on The Guardian online. I have also created several self published comics, in addition to designing and directing original animated shorts.

education & experience

NFTS Directing Animation MA 2017-2019

Middlesex University BA Illustration 2005-2008

CSM Cartooning Short Course 2015

Freelance Director/Animator 2008-Present - 2d Digital and Mixed Media

Freelance Illustrator 2008-Present - Digital and Print

Channel 7 Media 2010 - 2011 - Designer and Animator

House of Illustration - Volunteer

Software Knowledge

Adobe Flash - Excellent knowledge of the software. I am able to animate traditionally in addition to using puppet techniques.

Adobe Photoshop - Excellent knowledge of the software. I am experienced using its animation capabilities as well as digital drawing and image manipulation abilities to professional standards.

Adobe Illustrator - Excellent knowledge of the software. I am experienced using the software for professional drawing and design purposes.

Adobe After Effects - Good knowledge of the software. I am able to animate and composite shots as well as edit and manipulate moving image within the software.

Adobe premier - Good working knowledge of the software. Good understanding of timing and ability to edit.

Adobe InDesign - Good knowledge of the software. I am experienced creating layout for digital and tradition publishing.

Technical skills 

Illustration - I  can produce finished illustration of the highest standard for various mediums, both traditionally and digitally. I have worked for digital clients such as Intelligent Partnership, and publishing clients like The Psychologist.

Animation - 2d and tradigital to a professional standard. Experience directing my own original films with a small team, and also working for Channel 7 Media digital media company. 

Drawing - Capable of the highest standards in drawing both traditionally and digitally, from life and imagination.

Design and Concept - Excellent standards of development from initial research to design and realisation of the project. Able to develop characters and environments to a professional standard. 

Storyboarding - Able to develop ideas or script, visualising the project into a clear concise storyboard and animatic.

Design - I have produced high quality professional logo and branding design for a range of small businesses such as Nutrire, Stand While You Work, Jazieno independent barber and Bun and Grain Shack.